Rent Your Home

As the Real Estate market continues to pose challenges for homeowners to sell and move, AdvantageSolve Inc. your HOA Management Company is here to offer an alternative.

Your decision to investigate leasing your home is most likely based upon an expected financial benefit. Our property management company strives to maximize and then sustain competitive market rents. We do our best to get the financial benefit you desire. We are offering this alternative to the homeowner members of the Associations we manage in order to provide management at a more competitive rate and to assure you of site visits on a regular and routine basis.

Note: HOA or COA rental restrictions may apply and will be strictly adhered to.

Below are the services we provide for Landlords and Tenants. While we are a progressive HOA and Condominium property management company, we are selective about who we serve and providing members an opportunity to hold on to their investments while giving them the freedom to change jobs, locations, downsize, etc. Our objective is to give personal service to both our landlords and our tenants. We handle all aspects of your home leasing and property management for your account. When you retain us, you are free from day to day property management chores.  Management services range from six to eight percent of the gross monthly rent (min. 75/month) payable monthly and will include a one time setup fee, (depending on the service requirements) one month’s rental fee for finding the tenant.

Find the Tenant:

  • Professional market research to determine fair-market rents.
  • Professional advice on preparing the property for maximum results in marketing
  • Broad market advertising (multiple listing service, company website, and internet syndication).
  • Skilled Licensed Agent for showing of property to prospective tenants.
  • Employment of a universal lock box to maximize showing opportunities.
  • Professional signage to attract drive by applicants (if allowed by HOA).
  • Comprehensive rental applicant interview.
  • Applicant screening (background/credit, employment, residential history).
  • Expert negotiation of rental agreements.
  • Use of GAR approved rental agreements.
  • Careful conduct of move-in/move-out inspections.

Please ask Us (important feature)

  • Collect maximum monthly rents.
  • Collect maximum amounts for security deposits.
  • Collect maximum amounts for pet deposits (if applicable).
  • Use a real estate trust account to process and retain all deposits (Please ask us about this very important feature.)
  • Service tenant periodic needs.
  • Process contract terminations, and evictions (if necessary).
  • Full database records of tenant information and tracking.
  • Insure compliance with Georgia landlord/tenant laws.
  • Insure compliance with federal/state fair housing laws.

Manage the Property (the investment)

  • Conduct comprehensive move-in and move-out inventories.
  • Conduct periodic property inspections.
  • Coordinate minor maintenance services.
  • Coordinate major maintenance services with owner consultation.
  • Coordinate utility services between occupancies.
  • Generate a monthly financial report.
  • Generate an annual financial summary.
  • Ensure Community Compliance

We strive to maintain good customer relations with our tenants over the lease term. Keeping a tenant for subsequent terms, will save you money, avoiding the inevitable costs of sprucing up the property for re-marketing. We, at AdvantageSolve Inc., are motivated to foster an ongoing business relationship with both you and our tenants AND the community. We are most concerned with the long-term benefits for a win-win situation with our clients and our mutual business goals.

We are hopeful that by providing this member solution we will meet a ‘need’ in the communities we manage and help people maintain their investment stability while having the freedom to live their lives with flexibility during this current market.

Our unique position of HOA management offering residential leasing and management provides the assurance we are not just filling up your home and leaving it to circumstance ‘we are an integral part of the community oversight and at the same time can keep a close watch on your property and tenants, adhering to the governing standards.